Fujispel is a gospel musical concert incorporating different music genres, from traditional African
rhythms to contemporary music worldwide. Fujispel is a wholesome alternative to secular music.
It’s for people who want spiritual uplifting, soul nurture and is a memorable day where there is an
encounter with God that will last a lifetime. Included in this solid event is a great line up of talented
artists, renowned and proven with a great wealth of knowledge and who are committed to God’s

These singers are not just performers but have excelled in singing God’s praise and worship,
leading people to worship and also to praise. The activities and events organised at Fujispel set up
an atmosphere for singing, dancing and rejoicing, using old songs and new songs by the leading of
the Holy Spirit, to allow God’s presence for deliverance and miracles to the children of God.

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Fujispel is a celebration suitable for the whole family. This concert is for adults, children, friends and other relations. The concert will be a great day for every age group with
different artists to satisfy the preferences of both young and old.

This event engages with all the individuals who attend and is a guaranteed once in a lifetime experience that will not be forgotten. Put on your dancing shoes, coat of many
colours, a cheerful heart, an open mind, big expectations, dress for the season and get ready to give your best unto God. Remain Blessed.